Some of you may have noticed on the live camera that there’s a seat in the car right now. Thats a Factory Five “Street Performer” seat, which they’ve stopped selling. I picked up a used pair two weeks ago because, in my opinion, the low back replica seats are not safe. I may have found someone to buy the (unopened) short back seats that came with the kit.

I have the Recaro SRD seats from my old 911 that I want to put in the car, but  a quick test fit before putting the body on the buck makes me think they may not fit. I have to decide if I want to modify the cockpit opening so the SRDs will fit or use the significantly lower quality Street Performers.  In either case, whichever one I use will get recovered in leather and Alcantara, and will have seat heaters installed.

My guess is I’m going to need to take the body back off the buck and fit it on the car at some point this summer. I’m going to need to do that to ensure things are fit correctly in the engine bay and I can deal with seat fitting at that point. I’m hoping that I can get the Recaro seats to fit if I mount them slightly off-axis (which is not all that uncommon on Cobras I’ve found, where the seats are positioned pointing outwards slightly) as well as using different seat tracks.