Its Been a Slow Week

I’ve had a few people asking me recently how things have been going this week with the car. Its been a very slow week on the car building front. Last weekend we helped a friend move, and I’ve been sick most of the week. I think I might’ve had a bit of a reaction to mold in her storage unit. In either case, really nothing has gotten done.

I spent an hour a few evenings ago cleaning the garage — we had a lot of tools out, and it was just generally messy. I also got a bunch of other parts organized and did some test fitting of the Dark Water Customs trunk boxes that finally showed up.

I have to say the DWC boxes are junk. At half their $175 price, I would’ve been angry about the quality of them. At $175 there’s really no excuse. When compared to the top-quality stuff that FFMetal sells, its even worse! They’re clearly hand measured and hand cut. They’re flimsy and saying they fit poorly is being generous. There are two access holes meant to access the quick-jack mounting bolts… cut in entirely the wrong spot. I haven’t figured out if I can salvage anything usable out of them or if I have to just eat the $175.

The “glove box” is a bit better. I think I can make that one work. In hind sight, $200 on a brake and $25 worth of aluminum and I could’ve easy made far nicer boxes. Two big thumbs down on DWC.

All the parts have been ordered. I was hoping to be picking most of them up today, but I haven’t heard back from Fortes Parts and my card hasn’t been charged so I’m assuming there’s been some delay. That changes this weekends’ plans of trying to get the front end together, but I can get the big parts of the rear end suspension together this weekend.