The Sheetmetal Never Ends

So I didn’t have much time today to work on the car, but did get to spend a bit of time working on the sheet metal.

I got Box 6A unpacked — the sheet metal that did not come bolted to the car. Some of the remaining cockpit sheet metal got rough fitted, but nothing was drilled or clecoed. It turned out I had to find some photos online of the arrangement of the panels, because I was just not figuring it out.

The trunk storage boxes got fitted, drilled and the trunk floor was cut out to fit over them. I’m still not happy with the quality, and they just don’t fit the spaces right, but I think it’ll be workable. When covered with carpet, I doubt it’ll even be noticeable.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day doing non-car stuff, but I hope to get the foot boxes drilled entirely, so we can get the engine-bay facing panels painted.

I’ll get photos tomorrow.