The Final Stretch … Hopefully

The last week has been pretty productive. Three nights out of the week I did at least an hour’s worth of work on the car. On Thursday night I riveted in the lower trunk floor and the trunk boxes to the car. I haven’t taken any photos of that work yet, but I will today. While doing it, I discovered that the small triangular pieces of sheet metal couldn’t be mounted because I put the panels on in the wrong order. The large side panels I put on last weekend kept me from being able to rivet the bottom edge of the triangular panels in the trunk. Last night I drilled out the rivets on both, cleaned up the mess from the silicone caulk and riveted the rest of those panels back in, in the right order this time.

I’m surprised thats the first time I’ve done that on the car. Not a big deal, no harm done except for pride and wasting an hour or two.

So what’s the plan for this weekend? I want to get this car done. Its been two years, the weather is getting nicer. Its time to wrap it up. I’ve taken all of next week off — the plan is to be as done as I possibly can with the car by the end of the week. Strictly speaking I still have six or seven weeks to get the car registered and still be able to drive it to the open house this year, but I am getting down to the end and I think a week can mostly finish things up.

Today’s plan is to get a few more circuits run from the dash to the rear of the car. I need, at least, to have a circuit run for a reverse light. I never noticed the Ron Francis harness didn’t have wires for one. What a waste of money that thing was … So I’ve got to get that done. That means running another bundle of wires to the rear, so I may bundle in a couple extra wires and may also get some long RCA cables to go from some future radio to the amp and just bundle them all together.

I want to get the upper trunk floor riveted and the large panel in the back of the cockpit. Originally I was going to wait until after I’d aligned the back of the car, but I can align things just fine with it on.

Tomorrow I’m going to get the body back on the car so I can finish the light wiring. Then I need to finish the dash wiring, do some miscellaneous engine stuff like bundle up all the ECU and gauge wires neatly, finish the dash switch wiring and test all the gauges. Then I can get the body back off, get the weatherstripping on and mount the body for real.

So that’s the plan. I will probably be in the garage a lot for the next week or so — so the odds of something to see on the live cam is going to be higher.

I’ll post photos of the stuff I did this week later today.