End of Summer

Well, its Labor Day and summer is over. Looking back, I can only wonder where the summer disappeared to. I didn’t get much of the stuff I wanted to do this summer done, with the Cobra or otherwise. With regard to the car, its disappointing. I’d hoped to have started the motor months ago and had hoped to go-kart a month ago. Even in early July I’d been shooting for getting it street legal in gelcoat by the end of September.

Needless to say, I haven’t started the motor and haven’t gotten substantially farther than I was three or four months ago.

The last two weeks I’ve been taking the little vacation I’ve had planned for the summer. Its been great, and very relaxing. In between trips to Florida with friends and to Ohio to see my new niece, I have gotten a bit of work here and there done on the car. Last Friday I took care of a bunch of little loose ends — tightening up and torquing the suspension, some more wiring and things like that. Not a lot to look at, but still a lot of stuff that needed to get done.

Next weekend I’m going to put the body on the car. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve been doing that will be easier to position and judge with it on the car. Its not going to stay there, but I can get a lot more dash and wiring work done if I can see where things are going to go relative to the body. It’ll also give me a chance to position the seats and figure out if I can get the Recaro seats to fit — if not I need to get the other seats dropped off somewhere to get recovered.

I’ll post pics next week, once the body is back on. There’s not much to see with the work I did in the last two weeks.