The time has come…

Tomorrow I’m headed down to Factory Five. I did a factory tour about a year ago, but tomorrow’s is a bit different. I’m going to do the tour, but instead of taking a few photos from the showroom and heading out after, its time to sit down and talk to someone there about what exactly I want to build… and order the kit.

Its a big day!

Here’s my thinking at this point:

  • Base Roadster Kit
  • Uncoated Chasis
  • Body Cutouts
  • Chrome passenger and driver rollbar
  • Promo Drivers Rollbar
  • Over-Rider Bumper Kit
  • Chrome Side View Mirror
  • 1987-1998 Traditional Gauges
  • #13947 MKIII Hood Hinge
  • #12041 Vintage Wiper Kit (Roadster)
  • 12071 Heater/Defroster Assembly
  • #12049 Wind Wing Kit
  • #12042 Sun Visors
  • #12469 Aluminum Brake Duct Screens
  • Standard width IRS
  • 302 ceramic coated four-port exhaust headers
  • Roadster black leather seats with black leather interior and black carpet

A bunch of those come with the sale, and I may not use them. For example, the seats (I have a set here I want to use if they fit), and the sale gauges.

The plan is a 302-powered Mass-Flo engine, T5 transmission, IRS car. Pretty basic, non-donor. Should be an exciting morning!

On a side note, I had an interesting idea today in regards to heat and fresh air in the Cobra. It seems people tend to vent heat one way, and run vent air another way. Given the plumbing space for air ducts, that makes sense. However, I’m thinking fresh air vents into a heater core would work for both if one put a bypass pipe around the core and used a solenoid-controlled valve to bypass the heater core when heat isn’t wanted.

I figured I’d put it here so I don’t forget.